Roger Ebert

This news made me surprisingly sad when I found out earlier today. Maybe it’s because another one of my childhood icons is gone, maybe it’s because a witty, sharp reviewer will no longer be around to skewer crappy Hollywood movies. Maybe it’s both.

I remember watching “At the Movies” together with my dad way back when I was a kid in MPLS. And kidees, this was on a black-and-white TV with no remote control. Imagine that: You had to get off your ass to change the channel. Anyway…good memories, loved his reviews, and even agreed with them most of the time.

(sigh), rest in peace, Roger.

2 comments to Roger Ebert

  • Karl Hoegle

    True that! I usually agreed with his likes and dislikes, more often than Gene Siskels.

  • Gary Bowden

    Very well said.I use to watch Siskel and Ebert religiously every week and loved their reviews and the passion they had for movies.That’s one of the things I took from that,as well as looking for obscure/lesser known movies that Ebert would recommend or ones I’d find on my own.He will be missed..

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