Monstrously Miserable Musicals (June 2007)

The other day I received an email from fellow bad-movie aficionado Nathan Decker (of Million Monkey Theater fame…what? Never heard of it? Then check it out!). It turns out that Nathan was interested in submitting a guest review for these purple pages, and since I’m always open to fresh material and horrible movies, I was happy to check out some of his work. I then suggested that we do a review roundtable instead because it would be an chance to pound out a shorter review and combine it with a couple other short reviews for a decent sized post. Since a roundtable consisting of 2 contributors could hardly be described as "round", I contacted Monster Shack’s long suffering proof reader Sean Ledden and inquired if he’d be interested in jumping into the fray. Sean’s response was a resounding "YES!", well, at least that’s the way I interpreted it, and the race was on.

We (ok, I, being the stubborn wanna-be tyrant who runs this site) decided on the theme of "Monstrously Miserable Musicals" namely because:

1) A bad musical can be soooooooooo bad that it just plain hurts, and that’s what this site is all about. Movies and Pain.

2) I had a musical sitting around that I’ve been meaning to review, and here was a perfect opportunity to get off my arse.

3) I couldn’t think of anything else with such an incredibly inventive, catchy theme title. Oh, I am so clever.

After much nail biting, hair pulling, and beer drinking we came up with our choice of movies as follows:

Dennis: Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare

Nathan: The Great Gabbo

Sean: Can’t Stop the Music

I think that this will be fun enough to try again in the future. (Well, fun to write. I hope it’s fun to read as well. )


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