So long, Leslie

Yes, we all know Leslie Nielsen passed away this week. Very sad to see him go. Damn. I’ll never forget the first time I was re-watching Forbidden Planet and realized that the ship’s captain was “the same guy who plays Frank Drebin in ‘The Naked Gun'” Funny how he’s most remembered for that then Commander J.J. Adams. Regardless, R.I.P. Leslie.

4 comments to So long, Leslie

  • Sean

    And don’t forget he was the stern but doomed captain of the doomed Poseidon in the splashy but doomed Poseidon Adventure! I had SUCH a crush on him when I was growing up.

  • He was an excellent actor, and even reinvented himself as a comedic actor.

    Also mourning the passage of Ingrid Pitt.

  • Guts3d

    Damn, surely I’ll miss Frank Drebin. He was in “Forbidden Planet” in his serious actor days as well. And don’t call me “Shirley”.

  • Haha, yeah, I still use that “No, I’m not joking…and don’t call me Shirley!” routine at work…priceless.

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