Where the heck have I been?

Despite the seeming recent vacancy at the Shack, I’ve been really busy cleaning up every. single. page. on the site so it conforms to XHTML standards. Why? Because I’m a computer geek who thrives on tedium. (As should be obvious from this site’s content 🙂 ) Anyway, so a lot of long hours doing tedious HTML / CSS cleanup leads to brain-fry and not much energy to tackle crappy movies. But the good news is that I’m almost done, and after I get back from a long weekend up in the mountains I’ll post a new review from Sean (thanks, man!) which he has so generously submitted so you’ll have something to hold you over! Have a good weekend, folks!

6 comments to Where the heck have I been?

  • Guts3d

    Well, there were rumors that you watched one too many Coleman flicks and was wearing a coat with reeeeealy long sleeves…

  • oneeye

    ….and buckles. And all of a sudden, all of your furniture became really really soft.

  • …and your wallpaper has been replaced with sheets of thick rubber. And all sharp objects in a 2 mile radius have been removed from your vicinity.

  • now now…I’ve put up with this site for over 4 years now…it will take more than Coleman Francis to break me!

  • guts3d

    I don’t know… “Pumaman” and “Prince Of Space” were tough ones as well…

  • Maybe this site screwed me up years ago and I’m just too dumb to realize it?

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