Yes, I know

Well, after nearly 6 years of smooth running the Shack has been hacked. No big deal, just have to clean up some stupid stuff.

WARNING: If you use FileZilla as an FTP client it saves FTP passwords in clear text!!!! You will be hacked!

I think this is what has happened:

You’ve been warned

10 comments to Yes, I know

  • guts3d

    Yikes! Sorry to hear. Let me know if I can help!

  • Everything is ok. I just had to clean up a bunch of hacked index.html files. No SQL injection, so that was nice. It was basically a 2-hour lesson in being careful.

  • Sean

    Glad to see that the site is back up and looking like it’s old (yet still attractive) self. And all done without an SQL injection – which is great because I hate needles. Har har har.

  • guts3d

    Ugh! This site is for Bad MOVIES, not bad puns!!!

  • Sean…I’d fire you for that one if your pay wasn’t so damned low 🙂

  • guts3d

    Wait, are we supposed to get paid? I need a manager…

  • What? Haven’t you been getting your paychecks?

  • guts3d

    Nope… But I would donate them to charity anyway. Did you get snow this past week? We had 18 – 24 inches here in Pittsburgh… More this weekend! Ugh!

  • Sean

    Yes, my pay is low. That’s sobering when I remember that you recently doubled it! (Don’t worry, I’m too dumb to be bitter.) As for the bad pun, sorry. I forgot that invaluable bit of advise from MST3K: that the only time a pun is acceptable is after a super spy makes a kill. “Ironically, death actually softens the blow of the pun,” to quote Crow T. Robot.

  • guts3d

    I lied, the pun was not only funny, it was inevitable. I would have used it had I been clever enough to think of it!

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